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1) What the heck is a Career Trek?

Part road trip, part career fair, part boot camp, Career Treks are five-day traveling career education programs for college undergraduates.

2) Who should apply?

Rising college seniors and juniors who are set to graduate in 2006 or 2007, are curious about business careers, and want a leg up on working in the Mid-Atlantic next year.

3) How much does it cost?

Applying to Career Treks is free, and the program costs $499, which covers five days of transportation, lunches, instruction, and hotel lodging.

4) Didnít it cost a thousand dollars before?

Yes, but based on studentsí feedback, we made the remaining four sessions shorter, more flexible, and more affordable. In addition, Experience eRecruiting and have sponsored Career Treks, and recruiters have subsidized your fees.

5) Why should I pay for something my career services office does for free?

Two reasons: first Career Treks connects you with a dozen area companies that probably donít visit your campus during the on-campus recruiting season, especially if you go to school outside the region.  Second, Career Treks gives you a head start on your classmates who only attend on-campus programs next year.

6) Will I get a job this summer from Career Treks?

Youíre too late for this summer, but youíll have a better chance next year.  The companies that host visits by Career Treks are regular recruiters of college talent. Career Treks launches your search for a job or internship that starts in the summer of 2006.

7) What happens if Iím accepted to Career Treks?

After your credentials are received by Career Treks and our participating recruiters, you will receive an admissions decision within three business days.  If admitted, you have until nine days before the session to enroll and pay online, via fax, or via mail.

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