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PHowley134Peter Howley,
Founder and CEO

Peter Howley founded Career Treks after following a career path that wound through politics, journalism, professional services, entrepreneurship, and media.

Originally from the Washington, DC area, Peter attended Rice University, where he majored in Economics and Political Science and edited the weekly Thresher

Unsure of his calling, he joined Bain & Company, an elite international management consulting firm, where he advised companies as diverse as Frito-Lay, Continental Airlines, and Lockheed Martin.

After managing campus recruitment and college intern development at Bain, he was admitted to Harvard Business School, where he earned an MBA and developed a cable television series pilot.

Peter returned to DC to join The Washington Post Company, where he negotiated marketing alliances and led market research for,, and other online businesses.

After becoming a .com castaway in 2002, Peter crafted his own Career Trek, driving 13,000 miles over 73 days to talk with mentors, interview for jobs, and chart a course for his career.

He developed Career Treks while delivering business planning advice at Empirical Path Consulting, providing market research at Noral Group International, and providing web analytics consulting at Net/Net Analytics.

Peter worked with Career Treks’ Board of Advisors to develop the program’s curriculum.

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